The 3D Modeling Techniques Of Today

The modeling techniques of today are the antiquated clichés of tomorrow. Seeing what is down the pipeline, and watching for emerging trends and riding those trends helps keep you employable and the 3D romance alive. Change is a big part of 3D-be ready for it. However, after having said that, make sure that you are not just a 3D technician. Incredible proficiency at a software package, but poor vision and design, does not bode well for a demo reel. Do target your demo reel.Know Your Audience Once you have found the areas of 3D in which you are interested, make sure you know who else is interested in it. Watch for job listings at sites like 3Dcafe, HighEnd3D, and in magazines like 3D Magazine’s annual “Get a Job” supplement. Read the descriptions carefully. Note their likes and dislikes. Watch for software preferences. Check out target company Websites to see work they have done and where they are going. Once you understand what your target employers are looking for, give them what they want.

If you know that you want to work in architectural pre-visualization, and every firm you have looked at uses Viz and Auto-CAD, do not spend the next year becoming incredibly proficient at Light-Wave. Developing your craft as a 3D artist is a never-ending process. Although the speed at which 3D technology is changing may eventually slow, it certainly is not showing signs of it now.If you want to animate characters, create a demo reel strong in lots of moving characters. A house looking for character animators probably does not care if you have a perfect grasp of different refractive qualities of different sorts of glass-so do not include a lot of glass renders. If you want to be a compositor artist, have lots of compositing examples.Animation houses are deadline oriented, and as such, do not have a lot of time to waste on chunks of demo reel that have nothing to do with the job at hand. In addition, some animation houses have very specific requirements for reels. Some want to see completed stories, some want to see snips of lots of different projects, and some want to see a project from wireframe renders to final raytraced versions. Some want reels less than one minute, while others want to see more.

Find out what your target wants and make it right. Do develop your own style. Artistic vision is often lost as beginning 3D artists struggle with grasping the technical demands of the software. Break through the level of work listed in software or book tutorials. Without your own style of modeling, texturing, animation, or design, your demo reel will feel like the other 50 reels the employer received that day.